Supply Chain

Supply Chain organization

Structure, Process, Talent

The size & business dynamics of your organization would indicate what would be the optimum structure for your Supply Chain function. Critical processes would need to qualify and deliver the speed, flexibility, reliability & economy your business needs. Your Supply Chain talent is your competitive advantage. They need to have the right skills and expertise on latest beneficial strategies & tactics.

Planning process

S&OP, Forecasting and Capacity Planning

Planning is the foundation stone of your Supply Chain Management strategy. Seamless dovetailing of the Supply Chain function into Sales, Operations and Finance functions, sets the tone for efficient and effective processes that deliver to both customer and management requirements; while deploying minimum resources.

Cash is king. Quick turnaround wins business. Inventory and Account Payables all consume substantial funds. Your Supply Chain organization needs to deploy cash effectively while meeting business mandated lead times. Arriving at the optimum balance between investment and business needs is crucial. Cutting waste and leveraging cash are key factors.

Supplier base management

Consolidation, Sourcing & Scaling up

Your ability to meet your customer needs is dependant to a large extent on how your suppliers support you. Ensuring that you have just the right quality and quantity of suppliers is mission critical. Identifying, Qualifying, Developing and retaining them is a continuous process. Finding the right balance between Cost, Delivery and Flexibility is critical.

Logistics Network Optimization

Optimum Network, Partners & Modes

Moving material into and out of your organization takes effort, time and money. Inefficiency in the ‘last mile’ can affect your ability to meet customer needs, affect organization image as well lead to waste. Designing the optimum network, partners, transport modes, and monitoring check points is important.

Supply Chain analytics

Data Driven Decision Making, Improvements & Reward Systems

What gets measured; improves. Setting up processes and metrics that allow regular health checks and monitoring of process efficiencies. Building data bases to support MIS and intelligent decision making. Selection, monitoring and rewarding mission critical metrics for the Supply Chain function.