Strategy & Business Transformation

Are you seeking break through and a step jump for growth and profitability in your business? Is your business structured for the improvements and growth you seek? Where are the gaps to get to your desired improved state? The right process, resources and organization structure are the building blocks of future success. Change management is everything and done well, maximises chances of success.

  1. India Business office services – are you a growth seeking organization based in the Americas / Europe / Asia now looking at the exciting Indian market space to introduce your products & services? We can provide you experienced business support in –

    • Business liaison and representation
    • Sales and Marketing support
    • Market, partner and situational assessment and reporting
    • Dedicated talent search and assessment

  2. India Sourcing services - are you an organization based in the Americas / Europe / Asia now looking to source products and services from the value driven Indian market space? We can provide you experienced sourcing support in –

    • Source identification
    • Qualification and assessment
    • Negotiation and contracting support
    • Supply chain optimization and risk profiling
    • Project management support – on going

  3. Business Transformation support - are you an Indian organization seeking to break stagnant and chronic business situations? Expand revenues and profitability? Partner for specialized project management? we can help you with -

    • Revitalizing growth and revenues
    • Improving customer advocacy and recall
    • Improving margins and cash flow
    • Reduce expenses and cost
    • Large change event management