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Making a difference – unlocking value in the supply chain function

This article is based on a talk I delivered at  a Supply Chain management event on the subject of “Unlocking value through procurement” or how could SCM professionals add value (to their organizations) beyond their normal briefs. (ISM event)

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Posted Date:2016-05-17

The emperor’s new clothes: Unravelling the disconnect between intention and results

This article was first published on on 17th Mar,  and on on 22nd Mar  .You can also view this article and others on LinkedIn 

As a child, I would dissolve into giggles every time....

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Posted Date:2016-05-17

India's internal security challenge - fanning the winds of change!

This article was first published on Indian Express on 11th Dec'16. You can also view this article and others on LinkedIn

With all the media and public discourse about India’s defence establishment; it’s easy to....

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Posted Date:2016-01-12

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